Competence, Courage And The Willingness To Make A Difference – Meet Dalbeer Kaur Sidhu

Dalbeer Kaur Sidhu

They say, it’s not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit that matters.

November 2015- the Government of India took a historic decision to implement One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme, fulfilling the long-standing demand of the Defence personnel after around forty years. While there had been a few disparities, ex-servicemen and war widows believe that the scheme has failed to address their concerns.

Dalbeer Kaur Sidhu, wife of Late Wing Commander B.S Sidhu is a homemaker decided to fight for what’s deserving and right. Her husband’s death shook her to the core, yet she gathered strength and devoted herself towards the betterment of other defence personnel and their families.

The efforts of a woman, fighting for her right, weren’t quite being acknowledged. We met Mrs Sidhu this week and as responsible citizens, thought of sharing her story and struggle she’s taken up, not just for herself but also others in the league.

Been a part of the league herself, Dalbeer understands the sacrifices a soldier makes so the others can sleep peacefully. That’s the reason why she is so attached to the cause. Her campaign took place at Jantar Mantar in Delhi and went on for eight hundred and sixty-nine days. The cause was reason enough to keep her motivated and she for the others who had been on a hunger strike.

Her work is not only directed towards the soldiers who aren’t amongst us but will also benefit the ones still in service. Coming across as the iron lady for the campaign Sidhu is deeply disappointed with the co-operation she’s received from others. She wants that the citizens come out and stand with the soldiers who are sacrificing their lives for us.

Dalbeer Kaur Sidhu is also a member of the ESM (Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement). She’s not only working for OROP but also at providing defence personnel with special facilities that meet certain standards set by foreign countries.

She wants that the Defence services be portrayed in a glamorous way so our youth happily volunteer to be a part of it and serve the country.

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