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Carrot Kheer

Carrot Kheer: Indian Sweet Dish With A Twist

Carrot is the most popular and widely used vegetable in the world. Raw, cooked or in form of juice, it offers a number of benefits to the consumer. With regular consumption of carrots, cholesterol level drops by an average of 11 percent. This further prevents heart-related problems. With anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, carrots boost immunity, […]
by kittybee / January 17, 2018 /In KittyBee Rasoi
Saffron recipes

Five Saffron Recipes That Are Great For Winters

In our previous post, we discussed about Saffron and its Health Benefits. Today we bring to you how it can be introduced in your cooking. When used in recipes, Saffron gives a golden yellow colour and a distinctive taste that cannot be achieved through other spices. You can either use saffron threads or powder without pre-soaking or toasting it. Saffron dissolves easily into the food and lends even flavour to the entire […]
by kittybee / January 10, 2018 /In KittyBee Rasoi
Rava Appams

Kerala Special: Light & Healthy Rava Appams

If you are the one who likes something light and healthy – Rava Appams are just what you need. It is excellent for a quick breakfast and also a taste-pleasing snack for the guests. The beauty of this recipe is that they can be easily cooked and are ready within minutes. They are not only […]
by kittybee / January 3, 2018 /In KittyBee Rasoi
Oreo Cheese Cake

3 Ingredients No Bake Oreo Cheese Cake

Oreos are becoming very popular, not only among the kids but with adults as well. The creamy filling between two chocolate cookies is a dessert in itself. But what could be better than using the delicious Oreos to make mouth-watering delight? KittyBee brings you another three ingredient recipe that will make your coming year sweeter. […]
by kittybee / December 27, 2017 /In KittyBee Rasoi
Chocolate Cake

Christmas Special: Easy THREE Ingredients Chocolate Cake!

The best part of a meal is the dessert. It makes us happy and reduces stress. Christmas is just around the corner and the best way to celebrate it is with a traditional treat. On the happy occasion of Christmas let’s talk about the most popular moist and flavorful dessert, that’s right – a creamy […]
by kittybee / December 21, 2017 /In KittyBee Rasoi
Jeera Chicken

Made From Fresh Ingredients – Jeera Chicken

A few days back, KittyBee received a special request from one of its viewers for a recipe for meat lovers. We contacted Mrs. Aurbindoo Walia of Mrs. Walia Cookery Classes. She was more than thrilled to cook one of her favourite recipes – Jeera Chicken. She used the simplest method and made an amazingly flavourful […]
by kittybee / December 14, 2017 /In KittyBee Rasoi
Til Ladoo

Yummy Tummy 3 Ingredients Recipe – Til Ladoo

Enjoying the weather? Til Ladoo will make winters more amazing as they provide heat and energy to the body. The healthy and aromatic ingredients used in the recipe result in a mouthwatering sweet. You can also add peanuts and coconut to the below-mentioned recipe. Sesame Seeds They are definitely small in size but offer a […]
by kittybee / December 6, 2017 /In KittyBee Rasoi
Honey Chilly Cauliflower

Mrs Arbindoo Walia’s – Honey Chilly Cauliflower

Remember when we told you that team KittyBee got a chance to capture a very yummy dish at Mrs Walia Cookery Classes? So, here a delicious Indo-Chinese recipe that we all love – Honey Chilly Cauliflower. It is not only healthy but free from artificial flavourings. This recipe is so easy that you will definitely […]
by kittybee / November 29, 2017 /In KittyBee Rasoi

Traditional Panjiri : Most Loved, Festive Delicacy Of Sindh!

Panjiri is a very popular delicacy. It not only makes your taste buds rejoice but also offers health benefits. Mostly prepared and consumed in winters to keep immunity intact, Panjiri is the most loved delicacy of the region around pre-freedom Sindh (Punjab and Pakistan). For new mothers, it is considered as a nutritional food that helps them with production of […]
by kittybee / November 8, 2017 /In KittyBee Rasoi