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Holi skincare tips blog

Hair & Skincare Tips for Holi

Holi is the time when you may not be bothered about staining your clothes or shoes, but make sure that all those artificial colours don’t affect your hair, skin or nails in any way. While you may also go with the traditional way of playing Holi, with natural colours extracted from herbs and flowers. But […]
by Kittybee Developer / March 1, 2018 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
Padicure Beauty Tip

5 Steps To DIY Pedicure At Home

Summer is just around the corner and during this time of the year, feet are exposed to a lot of dust, dirt and tan. We understand that a hectic schedule leaves you with a little time for some salon pampering. To help relax your tired feet, KittyBee brings to you a step by step guide to do a pedicure at home. It’s super […]
by Kittybee Developer / February 21, 2018 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid In Your 40s KittyBee

Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid In Your 40s

There are a number of skincare products that promise a healthy and glowing skin. But it’s still hard to hide the signs of ageing and a bad skin care routine can make things worse. You’d be surprised to know that our everyday routine is the biggest reason behind a number of skin problems. KittyBee shares some common […]
by Kittybee Developer / February 15, 2018 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
Boost Eyebrow Re-growth

7 Tips To Boost Eyebrow Re-growth In Your Forties

One thing that well defines your face and makes your eyes more attractive are full thick ‘eyebrows’. Due to over plucking, threading or waxing, brows start getting thin. Apart from this – ageing process, nutritional deficiencies, medical conditions and poor cosmetic application can also lead to thin and sparse eyebrow. If you are thinking about spending money on expensive […]
by Kittybee Developer / February 1, 2018 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
5 Lipstick Shades That Every Woman Should Own

5 Trending Lipstick Shades That Every Woman Should Own

When it comes to a woman’s makeup essentials, Lipstick definitely tops the list.  It is something that a woman just cannot do without. And why not? They are always there to save you in the toughest of situations. A slight dash of lipstick can brighten up the otherwise dull look. With a wide variety of lip colours available these […]
by kittybee / January 24, 2018 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
How to Care For Your Skin

How To Take Care Of Your Skin In 40’s

Sometimes amidst a busy life schedule, we forget to give time to our skin.  I understand it takes real effort to take out time to make our skin look good. But Ladies! The good news is that now you don’t need to put in that extra effort, how? By following these tips and making them […]
by kittybee / January 18, 2018 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
Hormonal Imbalance

Understanding Hormonal Imbalance & How To Overcome It

Hormonal Imbalance is one of the most common problems among women these days. The side effects are acne, irregular periods and poor emotional as well as reproductive health. A female’s health depends upon the hormones that the glands secrete. They can do good or even lead to various health issues. This is also one of […]
by kittybee / January 11, 2018 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips