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How to Care For Your Skin

How To Take Care Of Your Skin In 40’s

Sometimes amidst a busy life schedule, we forget to give time to our skin.  I understand it takes real effort to take out time to make our skin look good. But Ladies! The good news is that now you don’t need to put in that extra effort, how? By following these tips and making them […]
by kittybee / January 18, 2018 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
Hormonal Imbalance

Understanding Hormonal Imbalance & How To Overcome It

Hormonal Imbalance is one of the most common problems among women these days. The side effects are acne, irregular periods and poor emotional as well as reproductive health. A female’s health depends upon the hormones that the glands secrete. They can do good or even lead to various health issues. This is also one of […]
by kittybee / January 11, 2018 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
Beauty Products

Make Your Own Beauty Products With Simple Ingredients From Kitchen

We expose our delicate skin to a lot of chemical exposure with commercial beauty products. Fortunately, there are many natural alternatives that will keep your skin young and healthy without burning a hole in your pocket. Now, make your own beauty products from kitchen ingredients with the help of the below-mentioned guide. Eyelash And Eyebrow […]
by kittybee / December 20, 2017 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
Benefits Of Pomegranate

Unbelievable Health And Beauty Benefits Of Pomegranate

Winter or summer, we just love consuming fruit juices. They are not only refreshing but also give us a dose of good health. But could you name ONE super fruit that provides our body with many benefits? Don’t worry my dear ladies; KittyBee is again right by your side. The one fruit that looks after […]
by kittybee / December 13, 2017 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
Chapped Lips

Natural Scrubs To Rejuvenate Chapped Lips

Lips are an important part of a body and more unique than any other feature. But dry wind and harsh weather  make the skin of our lips flakey, rough and cracked. Did you know that lips DO NOT have sweat glands, which is why we need to keep them moisturized. Say goodbye to chemicals and hello to […]
by kittybee / November 30, 2017 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
Stretch Marks

Home Remedies To Buzz Off The Stretch Marks From Your Skin

Can’t wear that beautiful knee-length dress or sleeveless top? Stretch marks are caused by rapid weight gain. Good news is that it is not an indication of a health hazard. It happens when collagen becomes weak due to sudden changes in the skin and fine lines starts forming. Initially, it appears red or pink in […]
by kittybee / November 21, 2017 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
Remove Facial Hair

Best Ways To Remove Facial Hair At Home

Facial hair is a natural phenomenon. While most times they are lighter in colour and fine in nature, in some women, the growth is extensive and the hair looks coarse. Most common cause for the same includes changing hormonal levels, irregular menstrual cycle, medications etc. You can opt for various hair removal methods like threading, […]
by kittybee / November 16, 2017 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips