Portraying Personalities Through Cake Art – Meet Cake Doctor, Divya Puri

Cake Doctor


A baker is not someone who bakes and sells cakes but someone who puts in every inch of his/her creativity to make a perfect lip-smacking, eye-pleasing dessert that is impossible to forget. The flavours in your last course describe the amount of love they have put into the masterpiece.

An HR by profession, Divya Puri is the proud owner of “Cake Doctor”. Her creative mind was never at rest and she wanted to portray it in a way that is hard to forget. With time she came up with innovative cake decoration ideas to make every occasion beautiful.

cake doctor

A full-time job and catering clients is no child’s play. Divya’s job demanded her complete attention and at the same time her bakery was getting a lot of orders but she juggled her way through all odds. Managing both aspects of her life proved fruitful and rewarding.

Now, you must be wondering what’s so different about her. In a candid interview with team KittyBee, Divya Puri says that she gets involved with the client and tries to adapt their thought process. It helps her to come up with a design that portrays client’s true personality. Her work is different because baking is not just a way of making money; it’s her love and passion.

cake doctor

We also asked her why she chose “Cake Doctor” as a name for her bakery. Divya says that doctors usually talk about eating healthy food and avoiding artificial flavours and colourings. The name “Cake Doctor” depicts that she use pure, fresh and healthy ingredients ONLY. Her products are good for kids as well. The main focus is always on creating products that are made from seasonal fruits and other fresh ingredients.

Divya receives orders from her officemates as well and she always leaves them awe-struck every single time with her precision, quality and of course creativity. But that’s not it; she has big plans for future. Divya dreams of taking her concept further every single day and creating job opportunities for people through “Cake Doctor”.

“Rise and shine. You should know your dreams well and if you know them well, there is no one who can hold you back.”  


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