Hearing loss

Hearing Loss In Women: Symptoms And Prevention

Did you know that hearing loss is the third most common health issue affecting people today? Men lose their higher frequencies first but women lose their lower frequencies at the first stage of ear damage. During pregnancy, they experience sensorineural hearing loss. This happens due to certain changes in their body. But this is not […]
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Rukhmabai Raut

Rukhmabai Raut: India’s First Woman Physician

A calm, pleasant face, stethoscope around the neck, white coat, and hospital in the background and hope in the eyes; Sounds familiar, right? Google, today, celebrates the birth anniversary of First Practicing Woman Doctor– Rukhmabai Raut. She is not just a name but an inspiration. Rukhmabai is known not for her work as the first lady to […]
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cure cough and cold

Treat Cough And Cold With Natural, Home Remedies

We all want to keep ourselves healthy and away from diseases as well as infection throughout the year. During winters cough and cold is what strikes us the most. To reduce our misery we take medications but they don’t prove to be very effective. Also, why take medicines when our kitchen is full of ingredients […]
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Stretch Marks

Home Remedies To Buzz Off The Stretch Marks From Your Skin

Can’t wear that beautiful knee-length dress or sleeveless top? Stretch marks are caused by rapid weight gain. Good news is that it is not an indication of a health hazard. It happens when collagen becomes weak due to sudden changes in the skin and fine lines starts forming. Initially, it appears red or pink in […]
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dance dacha

Making Dance A Form Of Expression, Meet Jas K Shan

How well you dance is a tribute to your artistry and how well you learn from us is a tribute to your craftsmanship. Jasmeet K Shan, Founder/Director of Jas K Shan’s Dance Dacha stands as a testimony to how a person can succeed at almost anything with unlimited enthusiasm. It is one of its kind dance facilitation centre […]
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Remove Facial Hair

Best Ways To Remove Facial Hair At Home

Facial hair is a natural phenomenon. While most times they are lighter in colour and fine in nature, in some women, the growth is extensive and the hair looks coarse. Most common cause for the same includes changing hormonal levels, irregular menstrual cycle, medications etc. You can opt for various hair removal methods like threading, […]
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