Using Make-up Primers

Primer is used for making cosmetics last longer on a face. It should be applied before putting on a foundation. It makes the foundation base smoother and also makes it shiny. A primer may come in gel, powder, or cream. Moisturizer softens skin but primer prepares skin to hold on the foundation or other cosmetics […]
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How To Cure Dry Skin

Dry skin can irritate anybody especially when the humidity is low. If you leave your skin dry without taking care of it, the skin may get drier and the wrinkles may increase. Dry skin can develop cracks, itch and may even bleed. Skin experts have given a bundle of advice and suggestions and we are […]
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Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer

There are many benefits to having a personal trainer. It is really hard to find motivation while working out, a personal trainer can help you. So many people easily give up in the middle. Initially, everyone is excited to work out but only a few can keep up their working routine. Let’s discuss the benefits: […]
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How To Survive Autumn

We all know that autumn is the harvest season. It is time when our bodies harvest and gather energy for the winter months that are going to be cold ahead. In Chinese terminology, the bright yang of summer starts dimming and the dark in energy starts rising as the winter approaches. People hardly workout in […]
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Diagnosing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis occurs when bone density reduces, and the body stops producing the elements for the bone as it did before. It is most likely to happen with women after menopause, because of the decrease in estrogen hormone with time, that protects from osteoporosis condition. As the bones become weaker, the person’s risk of getting fracture […]
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Importance Of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has become a debatable topic nowadays. In older times it used to be the only way to nourish newly born babies. But now with the presence of many powdered milks and other alternatives, breastfeeding has become a question for mothers. Many medical studies suggested breastfeeding is necessary for at least the first six months […]
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Essential Food’s For Pregnancy

Pregnant women need a lot of energy during pregnancy, especially during second and third trimesters. During this, the body’s requirement of calorie intake increases up to 350-500 extra calories per day. Lack of nutrients in a diet may affect fetus development. Bad eating habits may also increase the risk of gestational diabetes or birth complications. […]
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