Sabudana Seekh kabab recipe

Navratri Special: Sabudana Seekh Kabab Recipe

Navratri is all about devotion and worshipping the nine goddesses. Devotees from across the world fast and visit shrines to offer prayers to the goddesses. KittyBee understands that it might be difficult for you to fast for nine days. So here’s a great dish for you, especially when you are fasting. Presenting, the delicious and authentic, ‘Sabudana Seekh Kabab’ recipe. It hardly […]
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Navratri special Thali

Navratri Fasts With Special Navratri Thali

With Navratri on, it’s time when you would be worshipping the goddess and probably fasting with utmost devotion. While on a religious track fasting helps you give up on foods that fuel up heat and anger in your body, physically it helps you detox. To help you bring the best of vrat dishes, we have […]
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Enjoy Delicious Meals At Tricity’s Famous Restaurants

Tired of the same old boring food? Don’t worry because KittyBee is to help you experience something new in food. The variety of dishes offered at these Chandigarh and Mohali restaurants, will not only amaze you but also the prices which are pocket-friendly. We bet you’ll love them! The Next Door Café Mohali (Punjab) has changed a lot […]
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Blog Game

Ladies Kitty Party Game- Guess the Hindi Song

Funny games can bring laughter to your party and this ‘Guess the Hindi Song Game’ will just do that. This game doesn’t require much of preparation, here’s how you have to go about it- 1. Prepare a list of Hindi songs with their lyrics translated into English, for example- One hot teacup and somebody to serve […]
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Story 5 exercises that will help you stay fit in your 40's

Exercises Every Woman Should Do In Forties

As we grow, our health starts taking a back seat. We experience back pain, joint pain, indigestion etc. We also get more prone to injuries and the body takes a long time to heal. Exercising for a few hours every week is highly important to improve blood circulation, strength and stamina. To help you with […]
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Carrot Koshimbir Recipe

Refresh Your Taste Buds With Carrot Koshimbir Recipe

Winter is gone and hot summer winds have begun raising the temperature. So what could be better than a healthy and refreshing salad? To help you beat the summer heat, KittyBee brings to you Carrot Koshimbir Recipe. Prepare this salad with fresh ingredients and it will give you all the right nutrients and a refreshing taste. Ingredients 1 Cucumber (peeled and sliced) 1 […]
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Story Helpful Kitchen Tricks

Helpful Kitchen Tips

Kitchen is the place where your day begins! So much of life happens in there- from preparing hurried breakfasts for kids, to after-school snacks, delectable cuisines and everything in between. It is the most travelled room of the house. Unfortunately, all these activities in the kitchen can make it messed up and untidy. To help you with, here […]
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