Balance the Coins: One Minute Kitty Party Game

One Minute Kitty Party Game

Rushing out to buy supplies for your kitty party game doesn’t seem possible at times. This easy to do balance the coins game is always there to save in such situations. It is extremely simple to plan as all it requires is arranging coins which are easily available at home and is fun and interesting too.

Items Needed


How to Play

Call the players one by one

Ask the players to fix/balance coins on index finger

Each player has to take single coin each time


The player who is able to arrange the maximum number of coins on finger will be the winner.

Your friends are sure to enjoy this one minute kitty party game and you will also be able to find-out the coin master in your group with this game. Found it interesting? Go for it for in your next kitty party!

Don’t forget to tell us know how many coins were you able to balance in the comments section below. You may also like this another interesting coin game: Kitty Game Coin On Glass

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