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Hormonal Imbalance

Understanding Hormonal Imbalance & How To Overcome It

Hormonal Imbalance is one of the most common problems among women these days. The side effects are acne, irregular periods and poor emotional as well as reproductive health. A female’s health depends upon the hormones that the glands secrete. They can do good or even lead to various health issues. This is also one of […]
by kittybee / January 11, 2018 /In KittyBee Beauty Tips
Saffron recipes

Five Saffron Recipes That Are Great For Winters

In our previous post, we discussed about Saffron and its Health Benefits. Today we bring to you how it can be introduced in your cooking. When used in recipes, Saffron gives a golden yellow colour and a distinctive taste that cannot be achieved through other spices. You can either use saffron threads or powder without pre-soaking or toasting it. Saffron dissolves easily into the food and lends even flavour to the entire […]
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5 Tips For Safe Driving In Fog

The cold waves have gripped the city! The weather is getting colder and the days are getting darker. During all conditions, it is imperative to stay alert on the road and especially fog. Dense and heavy fog has been creating problems all over the nation. It is leading to flight cancellations, train delays, visibility issues […]
by kittybee / January 8, 2018 /In Lifestyle & Health
Kitty Group

5 Types of Annoying Ladies in Every Kitty Group

Annoying people are everywhere and how can we leave behind a kitty group. Some of them are intense, some of them are a bit annoying, some of them are endearing – and some of them are you. Here’s to them! The Weeper The cheese dip was gone by the time I got here, I didn’t […]
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Anchor Ekanshi Singh

The girl with ONE desire: Meet Anchor Ekanshi Singh

Her challenges didn’t stop her from following her passion. This bubbly Punjaban is full of life. When weight was an issue, she worked hard to lose 15 kgs and today she looks amazingly fit. Her way of presenting herself inspires other people. Team KittyBee is delighted to share the beautiful journey of Anchor Ekanshi Singh. […]
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Asthma Symptoms

Asthma: Symptoms And Precautions You Must Know About

Sensitivity of lungs defers from person to person and reacts differently to things like pollen, air pollution and strong chemicals. A lung disease, Asthma is caused when airways that carry air to the lungs narrow and swell and starts producing extra mucus. It results in breathing difficulty and triggers coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. […]
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Sanitary Napkins

These Unknown Facts About Sanitary Napkins Will Blow Your Mind

A woman’s body needs a lot of care as it is fragile and sensitive. It is essential to give adequate attention to it, especially during menstruation as poor intimate hygiene may lead to problems like fungal infections, urinary tract infections and even reproductive issues. The most important aspect of menstrual hygiene is sanitary napkins. When […]
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whats in your purse

What’s In Your Purse?

An interesting way of knowing what all is there inside the purse of your kitty party members. Don’t be surprised if you find something shocking. Things Required: Sheets Pens How to play Make a list of commonly or rarely found items in a purse. Set points for each item. Give one sheet and a pen […]
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