Asthma: Symptoms And Precautions You Must Know About

Asthma Symptoms

Sensitivity of lungs defers from person to person and reacts differently to things like pollen, air pollution and strong chemicals. A lung disease, Asthma is caused when airways that carry air to the lungs narrow and swell and starts producing extra mucus. It results in breathing difficulty and triggers coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. Individuals with asthma have more sensitive lungs than an average person.

It is a major problem that interferes with daily activities of a person and may lead to life-threatening circumstances. To help you keep asthma under control, KittyBee is sharing common Asthma symptoms and prevention methods related to this chronic disease.

Symptoms Of Asthma

Our body never fails to warn us about the issues happening within. However, it is imperative to understand these signs and take appropriate measures to avoid serious repercussions. The main asthma symptoms that signal an asthma attack are as follows:

Shortness of breath

Wheezing sound when exhaling

Feeling tired or weak when exercising

Frequent cough, especially at night

Signs of cold or allergies

Trouble sleeping


Asthma is a serious medical condition. You must work closely with your doctor in order to prevent an asthma attack.


It is very important to take medications as prescribed by the doctor. If asthma is improving, do not change anything without consulting the doctor. To make sure you are taking the right dose, take medicines along when visiting the doctor.

Treat The Attack:

Always keep your medication and inhaler with you. Just in case you happen to get an asthma attack, you can act quickly and take medication before the situation gets serious.

Avoid Triggers:

There are a number of allergens and irritants such as cold air, air pollution, dust etc. that can trigger an asthma attack. Understand what causes or makes your asthma worse and work towards avoiding those triggers.

Allergy Proof Environment:

If you have allergy induced asthma, change bed linen regularly and wash it with hot water to get rid of dust mites. Install air purifier in the bedroom to reduce dust. Asthma and smoke don’t go well together. So make sure you avoid going to areas with smoke.

Allergies from Pets:

Animal dander can lead to a serious asthma attack. KittyBee advises to keep cats, dogs and all other pets from your bedroom.

Avoid Stress:

Over excitement or anxiety may trigger an asthma attack. Try to keep yourself calm and keep it light during conversations. Also, find a workplace with serene environment.


Lately considered as one of the most powerful tools to cure Asthma and other breathing disorders, Meditation reduces the chances of an Asthma attack immensely, and might as well cure you of it. The deep breathing exercises increase airflow to your lungs, thus controlling the start of an attack. Look for a meditation center close to you.

If you notice the above-mentioned asthma symptoms too often, do NOT hesitate to visit a doctor. When it comes to Health, Ignorance Is a Curse Not Bliss!

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