5 Types of Annoying Ladies in Every Kitty Group

Kitty Group

Annoying people are everywhere and how can we leave behind a kitty group. Some of them are intense, some of them are a bit annoying, some of them are endearing – and some of them are you. Here’s to them!

The Weeper

The cheese dip was gone by the time I got here, I didn’t like the food; the place is not good – I always get to hear this from one of my kitty member she is always weeping. Have to deal though!

The Desperate Marketer

Oh, she is always marketing about something or the other. Join karlo, you can earn points, special offer chal raha hai arghh we all are used to it now!!

The Gym Goer

Aaj maine itna work-out kia but ek kilo nae kum hua guys. What should I do? Dear diet bhi kar sath mai. I am doing it but….. and these never ending fitness talks.

The Exaggerator

Guys we went to Mahableshwar last week the view was terrific, Resort kya batau, Food was amazing and she goes on and on. But we all love her, she is the radio of our kitty group.

The Serial Surfer

And then comes into action the serial lover, she loves talking and discussing about the fashion trends. Actually it’s better in one way as this is how we at least get to know the latest Indian trends.

I am sure you too can relate to these people and conversations..Share with them too 😀

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