5 Tips For Safe Driving In Fog


The cold waves have gripped the city! The weather is getting colder and the days are getting darker. During all conditions, it is imperative to stay alert on the road and especially fog. Dense and heavy fog has been creating problems all over the nation. It is leading to flight cancellations, train delays, visibility issues and much more.

Fog is the toughest weather condition to drive in. And it’s even worse in India, due to broken roads, unplanned road works and no signage diversions. Even the most experienced of drivers tremble if they have got to travel in fog.

Here’s what you can do!

Always Use Low-Beam Headlight And Fog light

We tend to turn the high-beam lights in fog owing to restricted visibility. Please don’t do it as fog consists of tiny water droplets that spreads and reflects light. They can be distracting for the oncoming drivers. So remember to use low beam lights to help other drivers see you.

Drive SLOW

It’s okay if you get late for work or anything but DRIVE SLOWWW. Speeding up in fog is the worst thing you will do to yourself and others. Don’t overrule it as this is only how you can slow down in case of any hazard.

Avoid Changing Lanes

Drive in one lane preferably the right lane, as changing lanes is potentially dangerous as the motorists behind might not have seen you. So pick a lane and strictly stick to it. If it’s really necessary don’t forget to make full use of your signal lights.

Do Not Stop On The Road

In foggy weather conditions when nothing is visible, it is quite natural to slow down or even stop. In case you have to stop make it away from the traffic and keep the blinking lights on for other’s to know.

Allow more distance between vehicles

In order, to avoid a collision it is mandatory to maintain distance from other vehicles. This way you can brake safely as well.

Please keep these tips in mind when driving in fog because it’s better to be Safe than Sorry!

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