5 Jewellery Items To Gift Your Beloved This New Year

New Year

Ladies! 2018 is just around the corner and we are sure you must be really busy redecorating your house, cooking delicious meals and shopping for gifts for your loved ones. Though there are a number of items available in the market, the start of a new year should be special. To help you begin 2018 on a delightful note, KittyBee brings you five jewellery items that are ideal to gift your beloved.


Love holding your beloved’s hand? How about gifting him/her a beautiful ring this New Year? Choose one that complements their unique style. You can go for silver, gold or diamond rings because nothing can express love better than this jewellery item. In case your partner already has one, no worries, gift them one more. Wearing more than just one ring is totally in fashion. It is a perfect gift for both men and women.


A very desirable piece that never goes out of trend is the pendant. Their availability in an array of designs and material makes them more popular every year. The versatile jewellery item is an ideal gift for both genders. To strengthen the bond, men can gift heart-shaped pendant as it symbolizes love and affection. Women can choose one that is funky, unique or something that is religious for their better half.

Waist chain

Also known as belly chain, it’s a lovely way to add more sensuality without looking obscene. It’s not necessary that the chain be worn openly. You can wear it under your clothes as well. Waist chain- a traditional jewellery item also represents beauty as well as fertility. If a single chain is not your style, you can opt for multi-layered or other designer pieces. No matter what you choose, it gonna make you look absolutely stunning!


“Payal” is that one jewellery item that has a very long tradition. From the time of Queens to that of the modern women, anklet has been an important fashion piece. Make your beloved feel like a royalty with beautifully carved anklets. You can buy simple ones or opt for heavily studded designs.


A fine jewellery item suits both men and women. Warriors, kings and queens adorned bracelets for years. Gift it to your beloved this coming year and they will feel your love on their wrist all the time. To make things more interesting, opt for charm bracelets. Get it customized according to your preferences.

Aren’t these great gifting ideas for your special someone?

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